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Master Class Money

A comprehensive guide to getting started investing in the stock market | taught by Bridget Casey

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Course description

I work with financially-savvy millennials, like you. The only problem is they are intimidated by the stock market, and missing out on building wealth through investing. Instead, they watch their hard-earned dollars sit in savings accounts, earning little to no interest. You deserve to enjoy great returns on your money, receive steady passive income, and create lifetime wealth and financial security for yourself. The Master Class Money investing program teaches you how.

I bet you’re dying to start investing, but some big fears are holding you back.

For example, do you ever...

  • Think you don’t have enough money to invest because it seems like stock market is only for rich people?
  • Feel so overwhelmed by the complexity and volatility of the stock market that it takes a Finance degree to understand it?
  • Struggle to know how to build a portfolio that keeps your money safe while still earning great returns?
  • Find yourself staying on the sidelines, keeping your cash in savings accounts because you’re too scared to even try investing?

If any of the above sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most young people know the stock market is the best place to grow their wealth, but after coming of age during the Financial Crash of 2008, they’re too scared to invest. As a result, they go their whole lives missing out on the returns they need to become financially secure and fund the life of their dreams.

Imagine that, instead of working so hard for your money, you could make your money work for you.

You can use the stock market to create a passive income stream and build lifelong-wealth that will ensure financial security for the rest of your life, starting right now.

There has never been a better time to start building wealth through investing.

You can invest safely and profitably in the stock market to:

1. Grow Your Wealth (even if you’re starting with as little as $1,000)

2. Create a Passive Income Stream (that pays you every single month!)

3. Reach Your Financial Goals (including long-term financial security!)

If you ever want to reach financial freedom, you’ll need to earn more than 1% on you money in a savings account. Now is your opportunity to lay the financial foundation for the life you want, by creating an investment portfolio that earns you money and keeps your hard-earned dollars safe.

Let me show you how.

About the Master Class Money investing program

Master Class Money students used to feel exactly the same way you do about investing: too intimidated by the stock market to invest, but also aware that they were missing out on something amazing.

That’s how the Master Class Money program can change the way you manage your wealth forever. You will go from feeling daunted by the stock market, to feeling empowered to build the portfolio that will help you reach your dreams.

The Master Class Money investing eCourse is a 12-module program that teaches you how to build a profitable investment portfolio that you can manage yourself, safely and profitably.

This is the only investing program of its kind available online. Most people have to spend years of study and tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree in Finance in order to receive the education presented in this eCourse — I should know, I’m one of them! Now after 5 years of DIY investing and an MBA specializing in Finance, I have developed the perfect investment strategies and tools for twenty- and thirty-somethings to grow lifetime wealth in the stock market.

The unique combination of different learning materials, worksheets, and group discussions provided by the Master Class Money program were designed to help you get exactly what you want: a portfolio that pays, and will last a lifetime. This course will guide you through setting financial goals, determining your risk tolerance and investor profile, provide you with exclusive members-only discussions and content to get your investing questions answered.

Praise for the Master Class Money investing Program

"Eastgaard’s course — which has 60 hours’ worth of materials — has a nice mix of text, quizzes and lessons learned from experience. It’s more personal and easier to follow than the Canadians Securities Course" - Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star December 2015

What Can It Do For You?

The Master Class Money investing program will...

  • Empower You as An Investor. Who manages your money right now: An advisor? A robot? Your parents? It’s time to take back your cash by learning how the financial markets work, and how to make them work for you. When you’re in control of your money, you’re in control of your life.
  • Personalize your portfolio. Personal finance is personal, and your investment portfolio should be, too. Learn what kind of investor you are, determine your risk tolerance, and develop a step-by-step plan to reach your financial goals.
  • Build Lifetime. Wealth This is NOT a get rich scheme or a gimmicky promise of X% return on your cash. It IS a lifelong strategy to create passive income and grow you wealth for the rest of your life. You will begin to see the return on your investment within a few months, but you’ll you reap the rewards of this course for years to come.

Through the Master Class Money investing program, you will learn how to invest with confidence, knowing your money is protected and will deliver passive income regardless of what direction the market is headed. Over time, you will watch your money grow to provide you and your family with the financial security you’ve always dreamed of. You will no longer feel like you’re missing out on becoming wealthy — because you already will be.

I provide a practical, hands-on, no-nonsense guide to creating lifetime wealth in the stock market, based on the very same strategies used by professional traders and wealth management firms.

I make millennials rich — and you’re next.

Learn to create an investment portfolio based on YOUR personality, risk-tolerance, and financial goals with the skills and strategies typically reserved only for those with Finance degrees.

Invest in yourself. Start the Master Class Money investing program and change your finances forever.

What Students Are Saying...

Cait Flanders“It’s amazing! This is 100% worth the money, especially when you think of what people could get in the long-term.” — Cait Flanders, 30, Personal Finance Blogger at Blonde on a Budget

Bilal Karim“This a great course for someone like me who has always been interested in investing, but did not know where to start. I feel more confident now that I am familiar with the basic terminology and the essential do’s and dont’s.” — Bilal Karim, 26, Designer & Developer

Sarah“I am really enjoying the MCM course and being able to work at my own pace. I travel a lot and having this type of flexibility is important. My progress is slow, but what I have learned is packaged in a refreshingly new, logical, and easy to understand way. I also wanted to mention that I think you’ve built a great product! I work with a training group and can appreciate how much time and energy developing your course has taken. :)” — Sarah, 29, Quality Analyst

Irene“Thanks for making this eCourse. I have read up to part 5 for now and already feel a lot more confident into getting started in ETFs. I’ve been only investing in mutual funds and GICs for about 2 years now, and have been too chicken to go into stocks and ETFs. I find your eCourse to be very non BS. Which is great, I feel like every word is meaningful and had purpose and was not boring, but written in a way everyone can easily understand.” — Irene

Jeff“This course has convinced me to take that next step and get into the stock market. You’ve done an excellent job with starting off with the basics and slowly narrowing it down into the details. The graphics and videos are super helpful!” — Jeff, Supply Chain Analyst


1. Is this course for Americans or Canadians?

Both! I’m Canadian, but I invest in Canadian, US, and international stocks — and I show you how to do the same. Most of the investing information in this eCourse can be used regardless of what country you reside in, but when things pop up that are different (for example, RRSPs vs. 401K’s!) I’ve split sections to be country specific. I’ve got you covered no matter what side of the border you call home.

2. How is this course different from other investing books or online classes?

I built this course using my MBA in Finance and personal investing experience. It’s a mix of the standard information you’ll find everywhere (ie. The definition of a stock or bond) plus my personal strategies developed exclusively for young investors that you can’t find anywhere else. This is the only comprehensive online resource of its kind for 20- and 30-somethings looking to build wealth in the stock market.

3. I’m already using LearnVest/WealthBar/Wealth Simple or have a financial advisor, is this course still for me?

Yes! If you signed up for a robo-advising service or have a financial advisor, I already know you’re passionate about investing and ready to get started. But do you know how your money is being invested? Robo-advisors are great for people who want completely hands-off portfolios, but if you’re interested in keeping costs low by minimizing fees, doing more than “set it and forget it”, and taking control of your wealth, the Master Class Money investing program will teach you how. This course is a complement to any investment strategies and resources you currently have in place.

4. Do you provide stock recommendations in this course?

My main goal in the Master Class Money investing program is to teach YOU how to recognize a good investment for yourself. Personal finance is personal, and that includes your stock portfolio. I won’t tell you what to buy, but I will disclose what securities I’m investing in and give you the skills you need to create an investment portfolio to meet your goals.

5. Why does the course cost $379 USD?

The Master Class Money investing program is the most important investment you’ll ever make when it comes to the stock market: because it’s the one that teaches you how to invest. You’re here because you care about your money, and you don’t let it go easily. But you also understand how quickly you can lose money when you don’t know what you’re doing. My goal with the Master Class Money investing program is to provide you with a practical investing education, for less than the price of a single university finance class. Knowing how to invest safely and profitably will generate a return of tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, in your investing lifetime. The price includes all applicable fees and taxes, so the price you see is the price you pay!

Refund Policy

If you’re unhappy with your purchase of the Master Class Money investing program at anytime within the first 14 days, let me know and you will receive a full refund — no questions asked. I’m here to help you build lifelong wealth in the stock market, and if this course isn’t part of that equation for you, that’s okay.

Bridget Casey
Bridget Casey
BSc., MBA (Finance)

Bridget Casey is the award-winning entrepreneur behind Money After Graduation, a financial literacy website dedicated to helping 20- and 30-somethings get rich. From paying off debt to investing in the stock market, Bridget provides clear, actionable advice that will transform your finances. Since its inception in 2012, Money After Graduation has grown to receive over 3,000 visitors per day and has been featured in national print and online publications including TIME magazine, Forbes, Macleans, MoneySense, and The Globe & Mail.

Bridget holds a BSc. from the University of Alberta, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Calgary. She is has been featured as a millennial financial expert by Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, CBC and BNN. Bridget was recognized as one of Alberta's Top Young Innovators in 2016.

Connect with Bridget:

Bridget Casey, President & CEO

Money After Graduation Inc.
#600, 630 8th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
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Part 12: Building Lifetime Wealth In The Stock Market
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